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Extensible server side Javascript MVC framework


Modularity and productivity is our main focus.

We.js is build with some of most reliable tools in NPM and structured with sucessfull patterns.
Create amazing applications with little effort and save your money for the right things.
Split your project features in plugins and reuse in new projects.

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Extend your project with community or custom plugins.
Plug and play

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Generate one functional project structure in seconds with we.js generator. Suport to generate resources and Swagger docs

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Be free to create beautiful themes for your own projects. Themes have the power to extend default plugin templates and is avaible in we-plugin-view


Create APIs how work with other products or systems, present or future, in either implementation or access, without any restrictions




Build in JSONAPI response format, compatible with your favorite client side framework. Angular.js, Ember.js, Vue.js, React ... only request and use.

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Simple awesome documentation strategy and We.js have one generator for build docs from project configurations.

You want more? send one request in https://github.com/wejs/we/issues/new

Powerfull CLI

Great set of usefull commands

Text with We.js commands

Build APIs with Swagger docs in secconds:

Build and share plugins and projects

Examples avaible in we.js generator (generator-wejs module).

Blog project

Conference portal

Host multiple events in one installation and every event have its own content and administrative interface
Link: https://events.wejs.org.

Plugin: we-plugin-event
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Be free to create beautiful themes for your own projects. Themes have the power to extend default plugin templates
Link: https://wejs.org/article.

Plugin: we-plugin-article


Pre build projects for make blogs, sites, conference portal or APIs ready for use.

Example plugins


A simple way to add Disqus comments to your site.


Upload, resize and load images in multiple styles.


Write html texts with suport to tags, categories and images.

Terms and Tags

Configurable term field for any model with suport to vocabulary.

We.js and related modules is open source. It's hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub.

View the code in GitHub

Suport and community

Come here if you have a issue, want help or talk about we.js:

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Open source code and issues.

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Real time chat

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Google Groups

Our email group and newsletter