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Screencast: Create a extendable Node.js blog with We.js!


Create one extendable Node.js blog with We.js!

Before all: 

>  Install all we.js dependencies:

>  Update you global **generator-wejs** and **we** cli modules

1 - Generate the project structure:

yo wejs:blog blogger
# logs ...
cd we-project-blog-blogger

2 - Install and database configuration:

2.1 - Installation

npm install

2.2 - Create the database

In this tutorial we will use the Mysql database for session and data in localhost

Then create your database with your favorite tool, example with terminal:

mysql -uroot -e 'create database blogger;';

2.3 - Configure in config/local.js file

Open the config/local.js file and change the database settings

3 - Start the project to install all plugins and generate the database structure

we go

4 - Load localization

we loadLocales

5 - Login and configure the project permissions


Url: http://localhost:4000/login

First user email and password:


Password: 123

Change permissions:

Url: http://localhost:4000/admin/permission

to enable ACL and permissions change acl.disabled: true to acl.disabled: false in your **config/local.js** file

6 - customize the blog default theme images:

folder:  **files/public**

Override default imagems

7 - Change main menu links

Url: http://localhost:4000/admin/menu

8 - Add one example widget

See in video ...

9 - Create some articles (posts)

See in video ...

10 - Done for now

Thanks all :)

See this example project in github:

Get more magic in:

Creating an we.js blog screencast

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