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We.js v1.4.0: Lighter and improved to create APIs


We.js version <=1.3.x had a lot of features in core but many of these features are not required to build APIs or some parts of SaaS structures. 

Now in version >=1.4.x assets, editor, url alias, acl, user, auth, views and widgets features are moved to plugins and app generated with generator-wejs only contains:

  • One basic index route 
  • Working test structure with test coverage

Now We.js is a good Node.js framework to create monolithic applications and with plugins continue as a good choice for create centralized systems like blogs or sites.

All security features were kept in core.

Suport to old (v0.3.x+) plugins are kept and you only need to install the new plugins if need.

New plugins:

  • we-plugin-editor-summernote 
  • we-plugin-url-alias 
  • we-plugin-user 
  • we-plugin-acl 
  • we-plugin-auth
  • we-plugin-view 
  • we-plugin-widget 

How to update?

1 - Update global tools:
npm install -g generator-wejs we
2 - If you have a We.js project update your npm modules and install the new plugins:
npm install --save we-plugin-editor-summernote we-plugin-url-alias we-plugin-user we-plugin-view we-plugin-widget we-plugin-acl we-plugin-auth

3 - Or to create one clean app use the generator-wejs with:

yo wejs:app

And the future?

Lets improve the CLI, generator tools, make new pre built projects, more starter contents and improvement in documentation.

Found an bug? Have suggestions? Please create an issue to report it in .

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