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Field types

Reusable templates for build form field types

Avaible with we-plugin-form

How to register:

Form field types is simple templates added in server/templates/forms/ folder


File: server/templates/forms/email.hbs :

<input id="{{fieldId}}" name="{{name}}" type="email" class="form-control" placeholder="{{t placeholder}}" {{fieldAttrs}} value="{{value}}">

Is usable in model form as:

todo model file: server/models/todo.js

module.exports = function TodoModel(we) {
  return model = {
    definition: {
      email: {
        type: we.db.Sequelize.STRING,
        allowNull: false,
        formFieldType: 'email' // < will use the forms/email.hbs template 

Avaible variables in form field template

  • locals: same as res.locals
  • values: object with filled values, use for edit or error pages
  • fieldOptions: field configurations from model or jdon form field

for see others values use the {{log this}} helper in your template