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JSON form

Auto generate a html form from JSON file

How to:

First register the json form:

json form: server/forms/login.json

  "title": "auth.login.title", // i18N title
  "method": "post", // default form method
  "action": "/login", // form action, will post to /login
  "fields": {
    "email": {
      "type": "email", // templates/forms/email.hbs template
      "allowNull": false
    "password": {
      "type": "password", // templates/forms/password.hbs template
      "allowNull": false
    "persistent": {
      "type": "boolean" // templates/forms/boolean.hbs template
  "actions": { // actions ... may have multiple actions
    "submit": {
      "type": "submit"

Then use it:

In template use the form helper:

{{{form formName record validationError}}}

For docs and code of this helper see: