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Model form

Auto generate a html form from model attributes.

How to:

In template use the form-model helper:

{{{form-model model record validationError}}}

For docs and code of this helper see:


todo model file: server/models/todo.js

module.exports = function TodoModel(we) {
  return model = {
    definition: {
      text: {
        type: we.db.Sequelize.STRING,
        allowNull: false,
        formFieldType: 'text' // < will use the forms/text.hbs template 
      done: {
        type: we.db.Sequelize.BOOLEAN,
        defaultValue true,
        formFieldType: 'boolean' // < will use the forms/boolean.hbs template 

If we use the {{{form-model 'todo' record validationError}}} in one template will generate one form with 2 fields:

  • 1 input type text
  • 1 input type checkbox

For all core form fields see