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Core Concepts

To get started with We.js, there are a few core concepts you should understood.


Plug and play NPM module with suport to database updates and installation, split your code in small plugins for reuse in others projects.

Use plugins to add new features in your project or change default features from others plugins.

If the project have a plugin.js file it will be load as plugin after all plugins. This is a good place to override or change features from others plugins.

Context Loader

Preload data in related to current request like record ( and are avaible in controller.

Context loader runs automaticaly, has one default function and may be overriden in related model. It is required for features like ACL.


Get data from database or other provider, process and send to response formatter with response methods.

Every controller is a instance of We.js controller prototype and functions in controller is called actions how work like express.js middlewares how receive req, res and next arguments.


Define your model attributes, joins, model hooks, and custom methods with sequelize API.

Custom response

Response format is customizable, by default we have the JSON and JSONApi response formats but you can add new formats or change in your plugin.js file. Example: if you request one page with Accept: application/vnd.api+json header will receive the data in JSONApi format.

Permissions and ACL

Permissions feature and ACL based in users -> roles -> permissions how have a administrative page in /admin/permissions

Avaible in: we-plugin-acl


With the We.js generator you can generate projects, plugins, themes and features like model, resource(CRUD), widgets and more

Powered by yeoman!

Avaible in: generator-wejs