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Gulp tasks

Defalt gulp tasks powered by we-gulp-tasks-default npm module

You can change the default gulp tasks, add or remove from your project

See for all tasks


This feature is installed by default in we.js projects but you can change or install it if not is avaible in your project

1- Install the npm packages in your we.js project:

npm install --save gulp we-gulp-tasks-default

2- Add in your gulpfile.js

File: gulpfile.js

var we = require('we-core');
var projectFolder = process.cwd();
var gulp = require('gulp');
var weGulpTasks = require('we-gulp-tasks-default');

weGulpTasks(we, gulp, projectFolder, function doneTask() {

Avaible tasks:

Build task

Generate concat and minify your project assets and prepare assets files to use in production enviroment


npm run build