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Public folders

We.js have public folders preconfigured where you can put static files.

The folder files/public it is publicly accessible and all projects, plugins and themes have this folder.

In production enviroment configure your host (Apache, Nginx ...) to serve files directly from public folders. We have some configuration examples in .

How to access in browser?

All project, plugins and themes have an /files/public folder where you put your publicly acessible files.

If you put an image.png file inside the public folder, it will be acessible in:

If put in project public folder

Will be accessible in url: http://localhost:4000/public/project

If put in plugin public folder

Will be accessible in url: http://localhost:4000/public/plugin/[plugin name]/files/image.png

If put in theme public folder

Will be accessible in url: http://localhost:4000/public/theme/[theme name]/image.png

Change http://localhost:4000 to your host name