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Request and response order

We.js request and response have 3 steps: receive/parse, process and send the response

  • Receive the request
    • Set default vars
    • Set custom response functions
    • Set express engine configs
    • Set response layout
    • Load morgan debuger ( dev or test env )
    • Body parser middleware
    • Cookie parser middleware
    • Session store middleware ( todo remove from token requests )
    • Set flash messages ( todo remove from token requests )
    • Run CORS Middleware
    • Run passport middlewares
    • if are a public file request the file from public folders
    • if are admin, return with admin page
    • Run the we.url middleware
    • Set i18n configs
  • Process the request
    • Run context loader middleware
    • Run ACL middleware
    • Run Group ACL middleware (group plugin)
    • Run upload middleware ( if in current route config )
    • Run controller
  • Send the response
    • Run send response middleware
    • Run the response formater method
    • Send the formated response to user