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Response formater

Extendable response formaters for format your response after send to client

To change the response formater set the extension like /user.json in url or Accept header

Options for select the response content type (responseType)

Lets get the json version of the content:

Usage with extension in url:


Usage with accept header:

GET /docs/we HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:4000
Accept: application/json

Usage with query params:


How to add a custom response formater?

  1. Add it in your plugin plugins.js file:

    // wait to load all plugins and configs'we:after:load:plugins', function (we){
      // then add it with we.responses.addResponseFormater and set the extension, in this example we use the csv
      we.responses.addResponseFormater('csv', function (req, res){
         // format the response and send it to browser
         // util variables:
         // res.locals.model == current model for this request
         // == data to send, may be one array or object
         // after format run res.send with formated data