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We.js theming

Change the visual and structure of your project in html response (default response)

Themes can override default plugin templates to change html structures or CSS class

We.js theme is a npm module

By default we.js has on kind of theme, the app theme but is possible to set themes for specific contexts like one theme for each user or each event.

Avaible in: we-plugin-view

HTML, layouts and regions

Theme structure has one html.hbs and multiple layouts with regions


The file html.hbs is required in all themes and need to be in templates/server/html.hbs Inside the html.hbs you will add the <html>, <head> and <body> tags the assets helpers.

Asset helpers

Template helpers where you will add

  {{!-- render metadata tags --}}
  {{!-- render css head tags --}}
  {{!-- render .js head tags like jquery --}}
  {{{render-javascript-tags 'header'}}}
 {{!-- template event, plugins may use this for add code --}}
 {{we-event event="we-html-body-start"}}
 {{!-- layoutHtml print the theme layouts --}}
 {{!-- javascript bootstrap configs --}}
 {{!-- render footer javascript tags --}}
 {{{render-javascript-tags 'footer'}}}
 {{!-- render components html like widget modal --}}
 {{!-- template event, plugins may use this for add code --}}
 {{we-event event="we-html-body-end"}}


A layout is .hbs files defined in theme.js file and is rendered inside the html.hbs file.

To define one region inside layout template use:

{{#region 'highlighted'}}{{/region}}


Template helper how mark where the widgets will be rendered:

{{#region 'highlighted'}}{{/region}}


The widget is like blocks with inplace edit and sort. We.js have a widget API and widgets may be get with this API for single page apps


Every theme have a theme.js file with configurations where you will define how layouts and regions will be avaible.


module.exports = {
  // theme config
  configs: {
    // theme email template configs
    emailTemplates: {
      // path to email templates
      path: 'templates/email',
    // the theme javascript file
    // This javascript file will be added after plugin and project .js files
    javascript: 'files/public/script.js',
    // the theme css file
    // This css will be added after project and plugin CSS and dont are minified with others CSS
    stylesheet: 'files/public/style.css'
  // Theme layouts
  // List and configure all avaible layouts for this theme
  layouts: {
    // The default layout, REQUIRED!
    'default': {
      // complete sys path to .hbs file for use as layout
      template: __dirname + '/templates/server/layouts/default-layout.hbs',
      // regions avaible in this layout
      regions: {
        highlighted: {
          // readable region name
          name: 'Highlighted'
        sidebar: {
          name: 'Sidebar'
    // A custom layout, you can use a diferente layout for home page or other page, but need to set this layout in route configs with layoutName: '' config
    'home': {
      template: __dirname + '/templates/server/layouts/home.hbs',
      regions: {
        highlighted: {
          name: 'Highlighted'
        afterContent: {
          name: 'After content'
  widgets: {}