We.js plugins

name description link
we-plugin-messenger We.js messenger plugin for we.js v0.3.x Project Page
we-plugin-notification We.js notification plugin Project Page
we-plugin-vocabulary Add suport to tags, terms and vocabularies in We.js systems Project Page
we-plugin-contact We.js v0.3.x+ contact plugin Project Page
we-plugin-menu We.js plugin with menu feature Project Page
we-plugin-article We.js plugin for blog or site articles Project Page
we-plugin-deploy Project Page
we-plugin-google-analytics We.js google analytcs integration plugin Project Page
we-plugin-site-contact We.js site contact plugin Project Page
we-plugin-doc-git We.js plugin to show project documentation with markdown Project Page
we-plugin-event We.js plugin with event features Project Page
we-plugin-route-dynamic API for set routes on the fly and store custom routes in database Project Page
we-plugin-page Project Page
we-plugin-form We.js dynamic form plugin Project Page
we-plugin-gov-br Plugin para we.js com recursos para projetos relacionados com sites do governo brasileiro Project Page
we-plugin-event-simple-work We.js plugin for add simple online registered user works Project Page
we-plugin-csv We.js plugin to add csv module for parse and generate csv files and requests Project Page
we-plugin-github We.js plugin to consuming Github API Project Page
we-plugin-certification We.js user certification plugin Project Page
we-plugin-event-certification We.js event certification plugin Project Page
we-plugin-disqus We.js disqus plugin Project Page
we-plugin-socketio We.js socket.io plugin Project Page
we-plugin-passport-google We.js google passport authentication Project Page
we-plugin-passport-oauth2 We.js v0.3.x+ oauth2 token authentication, use for your single page app Project Page
we-plugin-ld We.js plugin for add suport to Linked Data spec in We.js projects Project Page
we-plugin-rss RSS plugin to add suport for RSS response type in lists (find action) Project Page
we-plugin-bootstrap3 We.js twitter bootstrap 3 plugin for add twitter bootstrap css and .js files Project Page
we-plugin-location We.js location plugin Project Page
we-plugin-response-json-api We.js plugin to add suport for responses in json api spec http://jsonapi.org Project Page
we-plugin-file We.js file storage plugin Project Page
we-plugin-portfolio Portfolio content plugin Project Page
we-plugin-group We.js group plugin for build social networks or forums Project Page
we-plugin-flag Project Page
we-plugin-comment We.js plugin to add comments feature in We.js projects Project Page
we-plugin-activity Project Page
we-plugin-field-phone Plugin to add phone fields in we.js project Project Page
we-plugin-google-maps Plugin to add suport to google maps API in your App Project Page
we-plugin-elasticsearch We.js plugin for Elastic Search integration Project Page
we-plugin-wembed-server We.js embed generator Project Page
we-plugin-editor-summernote We.js plugin for add summernote html field with editor in project Project Page
we-plugin-editor-tinymce We.js plugin for add tinymce html field with editor in project Project Page
we-plugin-passport-facebook We.js facebook authentication plugin Project Page
we-plugin-paypal We.js plugin for connect with paypal API and we-plugin-payment Project Page
we-plugin-element-overlay We.js plugin to add the overlay custom element Project Page
we-plugin-ticket Plugin to add all process related to generate and valid event tickets Project Page
we-plugin-event-ticket We.js plugin to integrate we-plugin-ticket with we-plugin-event for add tickets in events Project Page
we-plugin-widget We.js plugin with widgets features, build sites with dynamic blocks Project Page
we-plugin-payment We.js plugin to make payments Project Page
we-plugin-auth We.js authentication plugin with passport :closed_lock_with_key: Project Page
we-plugin-acl Role-based access control (RBAC) Project Page
we-plugin-user We.js user plugin Project Page
we-plugin-url-alias Add suport to make clean url or url alias to your routes Project Page
we-plugin-view Add html response format and views with theme system Project Page
we-plugin-email We.js email plugin Project Page
we-plugin-passport-jwt JWT authentication strategy plugin for We.js Project Page
we-plugin-file-local Local storage plugin for we.js Project Page
we-plugin-file-cloudinary :cloud: Cloudinary file storage plugin for we.js :cloud: Project Page
we-plugin-search Automaticaly add suport for use url query params as database query where params in findAll actions. Project Page
we-plugin-file-s3 We.js Amazon S3 storage plugin Project Page
we-plugin-aws We.js AWS integration plugin Project Page
we-plugin-user-settings We.js plugin to add one url for get user and system settings Project Page
we-plugin-i18n-api We.js plugin to add locales api with support for get locales from server Project Page
we-plugin-db-system-settings Plugin to add support for save settings in database, usefull for dynamic configurations and required for some plugins Project Page
we-plugin-google-dfp This plugin add suport to google DFP / DoubleClick in your we.js project wwith view plugin Project Page
we-plugin-basic-auth We.js basic auth plugin Project Page
we-plugin-slideshow We.js plugin to add the Slideshow API Project Page
we-plugin-news We.js news plugin with highlight and widget support Project Page
we-plugin-d-form We.js dynamic form plugin Project Page
we-plugin-simple-event We.js simple events plugin Project Page
we-plugin-mailchimp-sb We.js Mailchimp subscription plugin Project Page
we-plugin-google-api We.js plugin with Google api integration and support for systemSettings Project Page
we-plugin-file-gdrive We.js Google Drive file storage plugin for upload files to Google drive Project Page
we-plugin-file-url We.js plugin to add support for set many urls field in models and forms Project Page
we-plugin-gallery We.js video and image gallery plugin Project Page
we-plugin-mcn We.js plugin to notify changes in models Project Page
we-plugin-fb-pixel Project Page